Impossible Quiz 4 – The mother of all quiz games.

The most addicting game is back with a bang. It’s instant engaging questions, captivates and irritates players at the same time. Impossible Quiz 4 by “Not Doppler” is here…..a super popular Flash game, so there are no headaches for system requirements or graphics. Any computer with flash installed will run it smoothly. Already, Impossible Quiz 4 has carved out a niche for itself, in humorous quiz content. It will torture and humiliate your brain and then laugh at it…..and you will still love every moment of it. The funniest test invented till date, it should be on the bucket list of everyone who seeks new, creative and simple games.

Impossible Quiz 4

Instructions –
Impossible Quiz 4, being a Flash game, the game-play is quite simple. All you need is a mouse that clicks smoothly and a mind that is clear (Though the game will jam it up for you). You will have to answer a series of questions at a row one after another.You will have 5 lives, unlike the previous version where you had only 3. Each wrong answer takes away one life and after you finish up 5 lives, you have to wait for 10 minutes to start playing again.

The subtle beauty of this game is its simplicity. You would need a mouse and some pretty good reflexes. Also, your sense of humor has to be a little sharp. The controls are basic. You can skip the question by pressing tab, and you have to click on the right answer from 4 options. Sometimes you have to do weird things like pet a cat with your mouse, you click fast to avoid a time bomb explode or just escape meteors.

What to expect –
Honestly, Impossible Quiz 4 is so unexpected and crazy it better to keep your expectations away and start playing it straight away. But, do expect some creepy stuff, some serious comedy and lots of fun. The game is fiercely addicting and a sagely advice would be to stay away from a wall or you might want to smash your head into it. It’s the feeling of deep inner satisfaction that players are addicted to when they finally get an answer right. Be warned, that this is not a conventional quiz based on knowledge. In fact, knowledge can screw you up. Follow basic intuitions and logic and you have a great time playing Impossible Quiz 4.

funny picture

Be ready to change your perspective about quizzes, because Impossible Quiz 4.fever is in town and there is no cure to be found.

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Boxhead Zombie Wars hacked edition

The world of gaming is getting much attention from their audiences; especially millions of games are generating hell lot of traffic these days. Although this has always been the case, however, with the new mini-games that are popping up in the gaming world that fulfills the gamers with a short attention span. There are many genres that have carved a secure place in the hearts of devoted players, yet the most preferred one still today is the Action Genre. Moreover, this genre has gained much popularity since the Gulf war just because people relate more to what they hear and see on a regular basis. However, to name one of the currently popular games nowadays, in the action genre is none aside from Box head zombie wars hacked.

Boxhead Zombie Wars HackedGame Features
Like any other online games in this genre, the Boxhead Zombies Hacked comes with a regular story line up since anything with zombies is in these days, whether it is movies or online games. However, when it comes to the graphics of the game the graphics team gets the highest points. Unlike other online games the complexity level intensifies and the weapons become more and more complex with the game progression. The gamer is given the task to fight the zombies and exterminate them using some improvised weapons and armors. Frankly speaking, the game itself is quite nerve racking and players could lose their interest when the cash for the game runs short. Another feature of this game is you are given one life to play this game, so players are advised to use it wisely. Moreover, one of the interesting feature of the Boxhead zombie wars hacked is that once this game is downloaded and installed, the gamer’s account by no means is short on funds thus ensuring that the gamer never lose control of the game or their focus or thrill for the game.
Instructions for the Game
Your mission is simple, as always you have to destroy all the rogues, up to the Devil. To gain new weaponry and other equipment, you need to kill the enemy swiftly and to increase the multiplayer usually with one shot.

boxhead hackedGame controls
The keyboard mostly controls the game largely. The player uses the ARROW KEYS for movement in the game. The SPACEBAR is pressed to shoot. You could use “Z” or “X” KEYS to select a next or previous weapon or select weapons directly with NUMBER KEYS.

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Super Smash Flash 2 demo version

What is the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo?Super Smash Flash 2 Beta, “SSF2” for short, is the demo of Super Smash Flash 2, a flash game created by Cleod 9 of McLeodGaming. It’s a fighter style game similar to the popular Super Smash Bros games, in which the focus of the game is to be the least damaged character at the end of the round. A few of the playable characters include Link from The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man from the Mega Man games, and Kirby from the popular Kirby franchise. In Super Smash Flash 2, you are able to play on many recognizable and nostalgic stages from past games, such as Clock Town from The Legend of Zelda, Majoras Mask as an example. The game play is great, now do the controls step up to the plate?

Controls of Super Smash Flash 2This game is great for beginners and experts alike. The simple controls make this game very easy to learn, but hard to master. Unlike its very familiar counterpart, Smash Bros, Super Smash Flash 2 Demo is a flash game for pc, so the controls are keyboard based instead of controller based. Moving your Character: Following the standard pc gaming format “WASD”, tapping or pressing the “A”key to move left, “D” to move right, “S” to move down, and “W” to move up/jump, you’ll have your character moving in no time.Attacking: Being a fighting game, you must attack! Fight your foes by tapping the “P” key to use your Attack 1 move, “O” key to use your Attack 2 move, and “I” key to use your shield.

Other Controls: Other controls include pressing “1” on the number pad to taunt your enemies and the “Backspace” key to pause your game. And other controls such as selecting options or characters is done via the mouse.Ultimately, certain controls used together make the characters do different things. As an example, there are Side Smash moves done by pressing a left or right key and the attack button. Certain characters also have different moves in some cases, such as Captain Falcon’s “Falcon Punch”. Explore endless possibilities with different characters and their variety of moves.

Extras in Super Smash Flash 2In a match, items randomly appear across the stage. These items can be huge advantages to you, when used correctly. Items include Pokeballs, which spawn a random Pokemon character who fights by your side, Maxim Tomatoes from the Kirby games, which restores their damage, and Baseball Bats, which allow you to blast your opponents into space if their damage is high enough.
SSF2Final Conclusion
Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked is a fun game for everyone, no matter what your experience level might be. What are you waiting for? Great characters, amazing music, and hours of fun await you! Go play the free demo now! The full version of this free-to-play game is rumored to be right around the corner.

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A comprehensive review of Happy Wheels game

Happy Wheels is an online flash game, based on graphics and it can be found here – You can Play Happy Wheels online, through which you will have an extremely intriguing game play and you will be quite addicted to the game. The game is intended for players who have a physically powerful stomach though. You can anticipate seeing lots of blood and guts in this competently designed game that combines a seriously twisted sense of comedy and physics.


Control keys of the game:

The main control keys of the Happy Wheels game include the space bar, four arrows, Ctrl, shift, and the letter “Z”. It can be tricky to manage your character during your initial tries as the controls feel rather heavy or belated to use.

About the game:

Happy Wheels is a very challenging game and you may discover yourself on manifold failed efforts at a particular level or road. Once you wound your character, the parts of your body fall off and blood drops gradually pending you cannot move further. To be capable of completing missions, you should have an immense deal of staying power and perfect timing.

If you are a player enjoy playing the gory games, you will love the effects of the Happy Wheels game while characters are penetrated through fences full of thorns and their blood scatters across the land. One more interesting feature in the game is the level editor that facilitates you to make new terrains and regulate the level of complexity, a feature, which will come in handy afterward when players have successfully completed all the available stages.

happy wheels gameHow to play the game?

Similar to many other flash games, you have to start playing demo of Happy Wheels online by choosing a level and a character. Moreover, this game has prepared with fairly a dark range of characters. The game starts with four essential characters to decide from, but you can undo more as you move forward in the game.

The primary character is a rough old man driving a wheelchair, the next character is a businessman driving a private vehicle, the third man is driving a bicycle with a traveler in the back seat and the final character is a gigantic woman driving a scooter for the impaired. These characters flawlessly complement the highly hazardous levels they will walk through later.

The main objective in the game is to move far across a particular road or level without wounding your character. Even the smallest part of your body or a drop of blood is lost, then it will result to an unsuccessful mission. If you like to move forward to steeper lanes, you should press the space bar key and then have an attempt to arrive at it again. As long as you contain the main torso of the character, you can go on playing the game even if its hands and feet have been torn off from a drop.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity: Beautiful France

Assassin’s Creed UnityEver since Assassin’s Creed was introduced way back with Altair Ibn La-Ahad taking the center stage there has been no looking back for the franchise. Most of the Assassin’s Creed storyline was expended on Ezio Autidtore through the entire second episode of the franchise (Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations) and then to the Kenway family in Assassin’s Creed III and Black Flag – now the Templar and Assassin’s fight it out in France following the story of Arno Dorian.

For those new to the franchise Assassin’s Creed is a stealth based open world franchise that reimagines history as we know it with the rift between Assassin’s and Templars taking the stage. The story is set during the French Revolution era and the game has introduced revamped parkour and stealth mechanics. The game has also included a cooperative multiplayer mode for hours of fun with your team mates in a narrative open world journey.

The launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity wasn’t the smoothest with users and critics complaining about bugs and graphical issues. Four patches have been released since then to smooth out the gameplay and remove graphical artifacts. Ubisoft had to issue an apology and users were offered digital copies of some of Ubisoft’s titles.

What’s new?

The assassination missions are not monotonous anymore. There are multiple possible lines of play and Ubisoft has made these missions very open ended. Buildings are also very open unlike previous AC games which were very restrictive and you could not enter buildings unless there was a mission. A new type of mission that has caught our attention is the murder mystery segment which is similar to the Arkham games.

Assassin’s Creed Unity has also introduced real currency usage. Many players don’t like grinding through side quests to earn virtual currency – Ubisoft has offered the option to pay with real money and purchase upgrades.

epic screenGraphics

Finally, let’s talk about the graphics – they are astounding. This is the first game since The Saboteur that allows a player to explore the Eiffel Tower in-game. The animations are excellent and the buildings are detailed to perfection. There are frame-rate problems and bugs but that doesn’t stop you from admiring the amount of effort put in by the hundreds of developers at Ubisoft to make Assassin’s Creed Unity such a visually compelling game.


Here is the list of controls for making life easier for gamers who want to enjoy the game

W, S, A, D – moving. Hold the right mouse button while moving to sprint.

Mouse – for camera movement

C – Camera adjustment

F – Targeting

Right mouse button – For high profile actions

Y/E – Head

X/Left Mouse Button – Weapon

B/Shift – Synchronize/Eagle Vision

A/Space bar – Blend/Stealth


Overall Assassin’s Creed Unity is absolutely brilliant, though not the best Assassin’s Creed game ever made but it is definitely the most beautiful and the emotional storyline is just going you take your breath away.

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What kind of the game is Return Man?

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF THE GAMEThe first version of the game is known as Return Man 1. It was developed by ESPN. The game is pretty simple. In fact, it was created for the football fans in America.CONTROLS OF THE GAME.To play, control the Return Man using the keys I, J, K, and L to move forward, to the left, to the right, and backwards respectively. You can now run in any direction! In addition to the control keys I, J, K, and L, you can also use the A, S and D keys for special moves. Every special move can be used only once in a single play.


The main objective in the game is to run the length of the field, score a TD, and do this without getting tackled.In order to catch the ball, you position the Return Man over the yellow circle. Note that this must be done before the yellow circle fills with yellow. If you happen to miss the catch, pick up the live ball and make it quick and smart to avoid getting tackled. For you to receive a speed burst and some bonus points, you should run over the lightning bolts. When playing, Return Man keeps saving your progress. If at any time you beat a stage, you can resume from the exact stage again. This is done by selecting the stage at the start of the game.To get by defenders, use the special moves indicated above (also known as unlockables). As you progress, you will gain special moves and other additional possessions.

Return ManGet through the blockers to tackle the running back as he comes down the field. Stop him before he gets to the end zone or you will lose a defensive stand. Unlock special moves and earn additional defensive stands by successfully stopping the running back.

The player is supposed to catch the ball and run with it to the end line. This, however, is rather difficult since the defenders are always trying to catch you and acquire the ball. If you, the player, manage to score a touchdown, then you automatically win the round. If not, the game starts from the beginning once more. As you advance more in the game, you unlock some previously locked special abilities and skills. For example, some of the special abilities become visible during the game on the field. All you have to do is run over them to gain the highest speed and other skills. As for the others, including special moves, they are only done by pressing the relevant keys on the keyboard. Take a moment and play Return Man 3 at this website.

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